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Anchorage Oral and Implant Surgery

5 out of 5 stars based on 59 reviews.

Patient Review by janet w.

My daughter needed surgery and was very scared. The office staff and Dr. Reinbold were all very friendly and made her feel at ease. Thanks!!

- janet w.

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Patient Review by Sandi F.

I would highly recommend this very pleasant and professional team. I would not hesitate to refer a friend.

- Sandi F.

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Patient Review by Mark W.

Had no problems with Dr or staff. The surgery was very fast! Would definitely recommend.

- Mark W.

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Patient Review by Dana K.

All of the staff at this office are friendly and helpful, I had a very good experience getting my wisdom teeth out and a bone graph.

- Dana K.

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Patient Review by michelle h

I saw Dr Reinbold for an extraction and implant. I was worked into the The consult was very informative and his staff is very attentive and professional. It was an oveall great experience and I highly recommend him. He has also removed the wisdom teeth of two of my daughters and several niece's/nephews. Always with awesome care and a really good end result. We LOVE Dr Reinbold !!! 🙂

- michelle h

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Patient Review by Garritt B

The overall experience in this office was wonderful. Will recommend all my friends and family. Staff and doctor are top notch!!!!

- Garritt B

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Patient Review by Kathleen S

The best oral surgeon in Alaska with a professional and caring staff!

- Kathleen S

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Patient Review by Robert S

Being 59 years old and facing having my lower wisdom teeth removed I had expected a slow and painful recovery. I experienced no pain in the procedure and no pain, or complications, following the procedure. I took only three doses of the pain medication prescribed after the procedure, as a precaution, and then only took over the counter pain medication once a day for two days as a further precaution, it was really not needed. Dr. Reinbold accomplished the procedure with the utmost professionalism and, following the post procedure instructions from Dr. Reinbold very carefully, the recovery has been remarkable and very comfortable. Dr. Reinbold has my utmost recommendation for any type of Oral procedure.

- Robert S

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Patient Review by Elliot T

Dr Fritz took out all four of my wisdom teeth. I was amazed that the whole procedure didn't even hurt. The aching after the procedure was 0-1/10 level of pain, and I barely got swollen. The anesthesia was gently administered and didn't hurt either, I just fell asleep, woke up and everything was fixed. Must have done an excellent job, and it was quick, because these people really know what they are doing. Immaculately clean office and modern equipment. Best dental office ever.

- Elliot T

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