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Anchorage Oral and Implant Surgery

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Patient Review by Pamela S

The procedure I had done was painless and over before I knew it!! Dr. Sashi set my mind at ease by thoroughly going over the imaging of my tooth. It was an excellent dental experience!!

- Pamela S

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Patient Review by Laura W

I came to Anchorage Oral and Surgery Center with a case that was a little complicated and in depth. I had a jaw surgery with Dr. "Sashi", Antonio Sashi Parameswaran DMD. From start to finish the entire staff were stellar including follow-up. I was shown the highest level of professionalism curtesy and a great deal of comforting care. I felt the whole process was handled with the highest level of medical and personal care. I am so very grateful that Dr Sashi and team took excellent care of me. I would highly recommend this practice.

- Laura W

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Patient Review by Kayla C

I got my wisdom teeth extracted by Dr. Sashi and his team. I was really nervous to get it done, but was shown scans and got to discuss with the doctor and assistant what was going to happen. Really help me feel secure and confident going into the procedure. When I woke up after the procedure was finished, I was able to get feedback and everything I needed in order to recover from the operation. As a military member, Dr. Sashi was also very informative about times you could get medication on base and saved me the trip! Dr. Sashi followed up with me by phone day of and after my operation to see if I had any questions or concerns! As someone always reluctant to reach out first, this was greatly appreciated! Highly recommend!

- Kayla C

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Patient Review by Rebeca R

Everyone that I spoke to was extremely kind and thorough with their explanations which helped put me at ease before the surgery. I was incredibly impressed with how quick the procedure went. Dr. Sashi was a delight, and you can tell he has lots of experience. I would definitely recommend this office to everyone for all their dental needs.

- Rebeca R

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Patient Review by Elijah M

Dr Antonio Parameswaran (Sashi) was super helpful to me! He did a great job on my wisdom teeth and kept in check with me the days following to see if there was anything I needed. I highly recommend using DR Sashi if you are looking into getting something done he’s very kind professional and helpful!

- Elijah M

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Patient Review by Elijah M

Staff was very friendly and helpful with any questions I had and were very good about informing me about everything that was going to happen in the procedure! Post procedure I had multiple texts and calls from the doctor and nurse to check up and see if I was doing okay and if I needed anything. I would highly recommend using them if you need any dental work done very kind very professional!

- Elijah M

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Patient Review by Anna H

Highly recommend! Dr. Sashi knows what he’s doing and is very kind and caring. The staff helped me to feel right at home. They ran me through everything and I felt very comfortable. Very impressed!

- Anna H

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Patient Review by Kaylee H

I was a little apprehensive about getting my wisdom teeth out, but Dr. Sashi and his staff made my visit there easy and as enjoyable as possible. Dr. Sashi checked up on me post op And was very friendly. I really appreciated the kindness him and his staff had!

- Kaylee H

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Patient Review by Chrissy E

This was my first official visit with Dr. Sashi, who performed my dental implant procedure very expediently and without pain or discomfort. Initially, I was going to a different office, but had a consultation with Dr. Sashi and I was impressed with his staff who were very knowledgeable and efficient. We will return without hesitation for Dr. Sashi to address any other oral surgery needs.

- Chrissy E

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Patient Review by Julie G

I would highly recommend Dr. Sashi and his staff..Julie G.

- Julie G

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Patient Review by Barbara P

Dr Reinbold and team are top notch professionals. I was well informed on the procedures ahead of time, and made to feel at ease as the appointment progressed. They even loaned me an adaptor, so that I could listen to music during my procedure. I would recommend Dr Reinbold, if you are in need of these types of dental procedures.

- Barbara P

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Patient Review by Rosanna S

Dr Sashi realized that I had an emergency with an infected wisdom tooth and went above and beyond to schedule me right away. He explained what was necessary to be done and put me completely at ease. I was so impressed that he was able to IV me with one poke. I was able to heal with little discomfort and had complete instructions to follow for my after care. . I am thankful that I was referred to him and will continue to refer him to others. So grateful we have Dr Sashi in Alaska!

- Rosanna S

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Patient Review by Sandra L

I had a tooth extraction by Dr. Sashi. He did a wonderful job and help make me comfortable. Procedure did not take very long and the pain was minimal. I only needed to take one 200mg Ibuprofen before I went to bed so that I would not have trouble sleeping and that went well. The staff was very helpful and courteous. If I need any additional services, I will definitely return to see Dr. Sashi again. Thanks to everyone for the good care I received.

- Sandra L

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Patient Review by Michael M

I would recommend coming to this clinic if you are in need of a dentist. My overall experience was awesome and I would recommend this clinic to anyone that needs a dentist home.

- Michael M

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Patient Review by Andrew C

Everything went by very smoothly and professionally.

- Andrew C

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Patient Review by Ashley I

I am dreadfully afraid of all doctors, so getting my wisdom teeth removed was not something I was looking forward to... I was terrified! I put out a post online and had an overwhelming amount of people suggest I visit Dr Reinbold. (I’m talking a dozen people with positive experiences) He and nurse Julie made me feel extremely comfortable: like one of their own(kids). They explained everything and had the best recommendation for the procedure. I am extremely thankful for this wonderful team and would return and recommend them anytime! They’ve changed my outlook on what to expect for future experiences. I cannot thank them enough. If you're scared or you’ve had a bad experience in the past, please give these folks a shot! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Ashley I

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Patient Review by Mike S

We have never experienced any medical providers and their staff that can meet the professionalism and care that Dr Reinbold's practice provided for us. I would highly recommend Dr Reinbold for the medical care that you need.

- Mike S

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Patient Review by Patricia M

Dr. Reinbold and Julie were both very friendly, as well as understanding of my circumstances. They made me at ease and comfortable. I greatly appreciate that they both took the time to call me the next day to check in. Overall, all things considered, a lovely experience.

- Patricia M

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Patient Review by Geoff B

I was quite nervous at first but Vicky and Dr. Reinbold made me feel very comfortable. I will recommend them to my friends and family. Thank you!

- Geoff B

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Patient Review by Cora L

Thank you Dr. Sashi for being the surgeon for my daughter. After her jaw surgery she healed perfectly and no complications. Her stitches are not that noticeable. Dr. Sashi is a good surgeon and he explains everything in good detail. He will answer all the questions you'll want to know. It's been a year after my daughter had her surgery and she has no complications at all. I recommend Dr. Sashi.

- Cora L

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Patient Review by Kate K

This is a very professional office with extremely competent staff. I have been to see Dr. Reinbold on several occasions, and each time the interactions have been exceptionally pleasant. Dr. Reinbold's skills are tremendous, and he is caring and thorough. He takes time to answer questions and allay fears of procedures. The office staff is patient-driven and friendly. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Reinbold for oral surgery needs.

- Kate K

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Patient Review by Connie R

Our son had a class 3 malocclusion double jaw surgery in February of 2018. He just had his one year follow-up appointment and the results are amazing. The bite is perfect, the jaw pain is gone, and he can now chew food. Unfortunately, our insurance did not cover the cost of the surgery, but Dr. Reinbold and his staff worked very hard with us to make this surgery a possibility. Exceptional staff and compassionate care. Dr. Reinbold is a hilarious man. He made our son laugh a lot.

- Connie R

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Patient Review by Sara R

I drove up from Valdez to have all 4 wisdom teeth removed and the entire experience was great. My assistant Renee was awesome and made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Reinbold took time to explain the procedures to me and did great work!

- Sara R

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Patient Review by Page l

wonderful doctor and staff

- Page l

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Patient Review by Mikayla M

I was absolutely terrified to get my wisdom teeth out and the day before I spoke with someone (Forgive me I did not get her name) and she made me feel so much better by not only comparing to her own experience but also being genuinely kind and patient on the phone answering all of my questions and talking me down for my anxiety about the procedure. Next, the day of my procedure the doctor and nurse staff were so kind and amazing to me that if I needed another surgery I would not hesitate to go back. Finally, the assistant that helped me on Monday (as there was no surgeon in) was so beautifully kind to me that I felt like I was talking to a friend I had known for years. I had a dry socket in my lower jaw and she had taken the time to talk and get to know me, go over and explain what she was going to do and why such & such helped dry sockets feel better. This assistant is currently in nursing school and was her the absolute best. She sky rocketed my expectations for friendliness and overall experience.

- Mikayla M

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Patient Review by Kaija Anderson

Both of my sons have been seen for their wisdom teeth extractions with Dr. Reinbold. From the first phone call to being seen by Dr. Reinbold and his assistants, I know that my children are seeing the best. Thank you Dr. Reinbold for your expertise and kindness. I will always refer my friends and family to this office.

- Kaija Anderson

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Patient Review by sydny K

I was totally freaked out about getting my wisdom teeth taken out. The assistant was so cool & made me aware & comfortable about everything that was going to happen. I had a great experience from beginning to end & will recommend this AWESOME Dr and his staff to everyone!

- sydny K

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Patient Review by Jill W

Nobody likes to go to the Dentist....but if the need arises ... Anchorage Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is a professional and well run Operation. Informative to the patient before, during and after the procedure. Dr. Reinbold and his Staff are clearly detail oriented to make sure the patient is aware of all information to ensure the success of each procedure!!

- Jill W

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Patient Review by Joy B

Dr. Rienbold has a wonderful way of explaining your procedure, pre appointment and follow up. I have had horrible experiences with dentist's in the past and he has done wonders in easing my fears, and taking care of needed oral health issues. I would recommend him highly

- Joy B

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Patient Review by Bob H

Dr.Reinbold and his staff could not have been better. The office was very clean and the staff very attentive. The Dr. And his assistants thoroughly discussed my treatment. It was exactly as they described . I would definitely recommend Dr. Reinbolds' office to anyone!

- Bob H

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Patient Review by Ashly K

This was my first time going here as a patient and had a wonderful experience. Everyone was so nice and friendly and Dr. Reinbold did a great job removing my wisdom teeth. would recommend anyone to come here 🙂

- Ashly K

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Patient Review by Leanna D

I was hesitant to have my palatal tori removed, but they had grown too large to ignore. Pills were often getting caught under the larger one and all were abraded when I would eat crunchy foods. It was time to deal with them. I scheduled my pre-op consultation and was impressed with the friendliness of the entire staff. I was reassured by Dr. Reinbold's knowledgeable and informative consultation. He was very straight forward and reassuring which boosted my commitment. I only took pain medication for 2 days after surgery. Today I went in for my post-op evaluation. He commented that it was 2 weeks of healing and the nurse reminded him that it was only a little over a week. Both he and I are very pleased with the rapid healing. It pays to go to a specialist when you need to have this type of work done! I would highly recommend Dr. Reinbold and his staff for any oral surgery you may be considering.

- Leanna D

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Patient Review by janet w.

My daughter needed surgery and was very scared. The office staff and Dr. Reinbold were all very friendly and made her feel at ease. Thanks!!

- janet w.

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Patient Review by Sandi F.

I would highly recommend this very pleasant and professional team. I would not hesitate to refer a friend.

- Sandi F.

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Patient Review by Mark W.

Had no problems with Dr or staff. The surgery was very fast! Would definitely recommend.

- Mark W.

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Patient Review by Dana K.

All of the staff at this office are friendly and helpful, I had a very good experience getting my wisdom teeth out and a bone graph.

- Dana K.

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Patient Review by michelle h

I saw Dr Reinbold for an extraction and implant. I was worked into the The consult was very informative and his staff is very attentive and professional. It was an oveall great experience and I highly recommend him. He has also removed the wisdom teeth of two of my daughters and several niece's/nephews. Always with awesome care and a really good end result. We LOVE Dr Reinbold !!! 🙂

- michelle h

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Patient Review by Garritt B

The overall experience in this office was wonderful. Will recommend all my friends and family. Staff and doctor are top notch!!!!

- Garritt B

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Patient Review by Kathleen S

The best oral surgeon in Alaska with a professional and caring staff!

- Kathleen S

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Patient Review by Robert S

Being 59 years old and facing having my lower wisdom teeth removed I had expected a slow and painful recovery. I experienced no pain in the procedure and no pain, or complications, following the procedure. I took only three doses of the pain medication prescribed after the procedure, as a precaution, and then only took over the counter pain medication once a day for two days as a further precaution, it was really not needed. Dr. Reinbold accomplished the procedure with the utmost professionalism and, following the post procedure instructions from Dr. Reinbold very carefully, the recovery has been remarkable and very comfortable. Dr. Reinbold has my utmost recommendation for any type of Oral procedure.

- Robert S

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Patient Review by Elliot T

Dr Fritz took out all four of my wisdom teeth. I was amazed that the whole procedure didn't even hurt. The aching after the procedure was 0-1/10 level of pain, and I barely got swollen. The anesthesia was gently administered and didn't hurt either, I just fell asleep, woke up and everything was fixed. Must have done an excellent job, and it was quick, because these people really know what they are doing. Immaculately clean office and modern equipment. Best dental office ever.

- Elliot T

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