Orthognathic Surgery in Anchorage AK

Jaw Surgery To Repair Bite

Orthognathic surgery is needed when jaws don’t meet correctly and/or teeth don’t seem to fit with jaws. Teeth are straightened with orthodontics and corrective jaw surgery repositions a misaligned jaw. This not only improves facial appearance, but also ensures that teeth meet correctly and function properly.

Video Transcription

Birth and ethics surgery oftentimes consists of just a single jaw. It could be the upper jaw. It could be the lower jaw and they could be moved forward. They could move back or the pitch or the yard could be changed of the job. Additional things that we do, sometimes with jaw surgery, our aesthetic in nature, not necessarily functional. Some people who have very hypoplastic chin profile will sometimes elect to have what's called a genio plaster, where we augment the chin area to improve a patient's profile. There are other types of procedures also, such as widening of the jaws could be the upper or the lower. Also, sometimes we take out wisdom teeth when we're doing jaw surgery. Recovery for jaw surgery is considerably more complicated than, say, wisdom teeth. Patients should expect to be down for about a week or two, staying at home and just relaxing and mostly eating a liquid diet. The swelling will be pretty significant post-operatively. The patient is likely to be fairly uncomfortable. However, we give the patient medications for both nausea and pain. Corrective jaw surgery is definitely a lifelong change for patients. The huge advantage for most people is that the function is restored so that their bite is normalized. Other huge benefits to jaw surgery are obviously the aesthetic component and how patients look, how they appear. The maintenance of patients' mouths their teeth are greatly improved. At their bite is more harmonious. Jaw joint issues oftentimes are exacerbated by mal lesions, which can only be corrected through corrective jaw surgery.

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Who Needs Orthognathic Surgery?

Difficulty in the following areas should be evaluated:

  • Difficulty in chewing, biting or swallowing
  • Speech problems
  • Chronic jaw or TMJ pain
  • Open bite
  • Protruding jaw
  • Breathing problems

People who can benefit from orthognathic surgery include those with an improper bite or jaws that are positioned incorrectly.

Jaw growth is a gradual process and in some instances, the upper and lower jaws may grow at different rates. The result can be a host of problems that can affect chewing function, speech, long-term oral health and appearance. Injury to the jaw and birth defects can also affect jaw alignment.

Orthodontics alone can correct bite problems when only the teeth are involved. Orthognathic surgery may be required for the jaws when repositioning is necessary.

Any of these symptoms can exist at birth, be acquired after birth as a result of hereditary or environmental influences, or as a result of trauma to the face.

Before any treatment begins, a consultation will be held to perform a complete examination with x-rays. During the pre-treatment consultation process, feel free to ask Dr. Reinbold, Dr. Sashi or Dr. Wanat any questions that you have regarding your treatment. When you are fully informed about the aspects of your care, you and your dental team can make the decision to proceed with treatment together.

“I'm a lot more confident now that I have a smile that I'm proud of.”
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Jasmine, Jaw Surgery Patient

Orthognathic Surgery Presentation

To provide you with a better understanding of orthognathic surgery, we have provided the following multimedia presentation. Many common questions pertaining to orthognathic surgery are discussed.

Technology & Orthognathic Surgery

Our surgeons use modern computer techniques and three-dimensional models to show you exactly how your surgery will be approached. Using comprehensive facial x-rays and computer video imaging, we can show you how your bite will be improved and even give you an idea of how you’ll look after surgery. This helps you understand the surgical process and the extent of the treatment prescribed. Our goal is to help you understand the benefits of orthognathic surgery.

If you are a candidate for corrective jaw surgery, our surgeons will work closely with your dentist and orthodontist during your treatment. The actual surgery can move your teeth and jaws into a new position that results in a more attractive, functional, and healthy dental-facial relationship.

Patient Reviews: Jaw Surgery

We invite you to read patient reviews below from our jaw surgery patients. Please visit the Patient Review form to leave a review about your jaw surgery experience with Anchorage Oral and Implant Surgery. Call our office if you would like more information: Anchorage Oral and Implant Surgery Office Phone Number 907-562-9939.

Anchorage Oral and Implant Surgery

5 out of 5 stars based on 5 Jaw Surgery reviews.

Patient Review by Pattie A

Dr Reinbold did the impossible. He put Humpty Dumpty back together again. I was in a bike accident which required repair of a dislocation and bilateral fractured jaw. I also received multiple implants and bone grafts. Every procedure was thoroughly explained. His professionalism and surgical expertise essentially gave me my active life back. His assistants and office staff were caring, efficient and knowledgeable. I feel so fortunate to have been under the care of Dr Reinbold and his entire staff.

- Pattie A

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Patient Review by Laura W

I came to Anchorage Oral and Surgery Center with a case that was a little complicated and in depth. I had a jaw surgery with Dr. "Sashi", Antonio Sashi Parameswaran DMD. From start to finish the entire staff were stellar including follow-up. I was shown the highest level of professionalism curtesy and a great deal of comforting care. I felt the whole process was handled with the highest level of medical and personal care. I am so very grateful that Dr Sashi and team took excellent care of me. I would highly recommend this practice.

- Laura W

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Patient Review by Mike S

We have never experienced any medical providers and their staff that can meet the professionalism and care that Dr Reinbold's practice provided for us. I would highly recommend Dr Reinbold for the medical care that you need.

- Mike S

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Cora L

Thank you Dr. Sashi for being the surgeon for my daughter. After her jaw surgery she healed perfectly and no complications. Her stitches are not that noticeable. Dr. Sashi is a good surgeon and he explains everything in good detail. He will answer all the questions you'll want to know. It's been a year after my daughter had her surgery and she has no complications at all. I recommend Dr. Sashi.

- Cora L

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Patient Review by Connie R

Our son had a class 3 malocclusion double jaw surgery in February of 2018. He just had his one year follow-up appointment and the results are amazing. The bite is perfect, the jaw pain is gone, and he can now chew food. Unfortunately, our insurance did not cover the cost of the surgery, but Dr. Reinbold and his staff worked very hard with us to make this surgery a possibility. Exceptional staff and compassionate care. Dr. Reinbold is a hilarious man. He made our son laugh a lot.

- Connie R

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