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The inside of the mouth is normally lined with a special type of skin (mucosa) that is smooth and coral pink in color. Any alteration in this appearance could be a warning sign for a pathological process. The most serious of these is oral cancer. The following can be signs at the beginning of a pathologic process or cancerous growth:

  • Reddish patches (erythroplasia) or whitish patches (leukoplakia) in the mouth.
  • A sore that fails to heal and bleeds easily.
  • A lump or thickening on the skin lining the inside of the mouth.
  • Chronic sore throat or hoarseness. Difficulty in chewing or swallowing.

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These changes can be detected on the lips, cheeks, palate, and gum tissue around the teeth, tongue, face and/or neck. Pain does not always occur with pathology, and curiously, is not often associated with oral cancer. However, any patient with facial and/or oral pain without an obvious cause or reason may also be at risk for oral cancer.

We would recommend performing an oral cancer self-examination monthly and remember that your mouth is one of your body’s most important warning systems. Do not ignore suspicious lumps or sores. Please contact us so we may help.

Patient Reviews: Oral Cancer Screening

This reviews section is in progress. Please visit the Patient Review Form page to leave a review about your oral cancer screening experience with Anchorage Oral and Implant Surgery. Call our office if you would like more information: Anchorage Oral and Implant Surgery Office Phone Number 907-562-9939.

Anchorage Oral and Implant Surgery

5 out of 5 stars based on 82 Oral Pathology reviews

Patient Review by Debbie C

I’m beyond pleased snd grateful for this office and staff! Thsnk you!

- Debbie C

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Les P

Staff was very pleasant, professional, and informative to my questions and concerns. Dr Sachi extracted my tooth, grafted and prepared it for the next step of an implant. He talked over each step before and while performing the procedure, Oliver assisting. It was painless during and after it. Instructions in the packet have been very helpful too, i.e. the do’s and don’ts.

- Les P

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Jeanne S

I felt in very good hands: kind, informative, efficient. My procedure went perfectly and essentially pain free, a very pleasant surprise. All my anxiety was for naught! Thank you for excellent service to our community in Anchorage.

- Jeanne S

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Jonas P

Overall, I am super happy with the treatment provided. I was impressed with Dr. Sashi and the incredible work he does. Big shoutout and thanks to the whole team and everyone there at Anchorage Oral & Implant Surgery for making it such a breeze of an experience. Much appreciated.

- Jonas P

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Paulo M

Very approachable and accommodating

- Paulo M

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Emma C

All appointments were booked with ease, and the waiting time was almost zero, which is rare when it comes to doctors and dentists. The staff was very helpful when it came to answering questions, and Dr. Sashi and his team did an excellent job of walking me through my wisdom tooth removal procedure. I felt very comfortable the entire time, and was sure that I was in very capable hands.

- Emma C

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Mary B

My implant surgery went smoothly and recovery was easier than I expected. Dr. Reinbold and staff were very professional and supportive through my entire procedure. i highly recommend them for anyone needing these procedures.

- Mary B

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Carolyn H

Thank you for amazing care for our daughter's first dental procedure beyond cleanings, she was very anxious as expected and you all did a wonderful job to explain everything and put her at as much ease as possible. Dr. Sashi called later the same day to provide his personal cell in case of concerns after hours and followed up again a couple of days later. Hopefully their services aren't needed again, but would highly recommend them.

- Carolyn H

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Thomas A

We were able to get in, in an emergency situation. We have had Dr. Sashi help us before. He is extremely skilled, kind, and efficient. We love his work and trust him to do great work. The staff is all very helpful and friendly.

- Thomas A

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Nathan R

Would highly recommend to anyone. Staff was terrific!

- Nathan R

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Aleksei B

I was very nervous to get my wisdom teeth extracted. Dr. Reinbold and his assistant explained the procedure and what to expect. They were very professional and competent. The procedure went quick and without any complications. Dr. Reinbold called in the evening to check on how I was doing and gave some recommendations on medication and how to control the pain. Three weeks later I made a follow up appointment to make sure everything was healing properly. It went well. I will definitely recommend this clinic to my friends.

- Aleksei B

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Pattie A

Dr Reinbold did the impossible. He put Humpty Dumpty back together again. I was in a bike accident which required repair of a dislocation and bilateral fractured jaw. I also received multiple implants and bone grafts. Every procedure was thoroughly explained. His professionalism and surgical expertise essentially gave me my active life back. His assistants and office staff were caring, efficient and knowledgeable. I feel so fortunate to have been under the care of Dr Reinbold and his entire staff.

- Pattie A

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Tatym D

super nice people and the surgery went great!

- Tatym D

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Raymond B

I am a 65-year-old man with--aside from a few worn-out parts--enjoy good health overall. I have lived in Alaska since 1959. A few years ago, I had a bad molar which required extraction. The dental office which I was compelled to use did a faulty job of removing the molar. This resulted in my needing a bone graft to rebuild my upper jaw where the molar was. My new dental office, Alaska Dental Care, referred me to Anchorage Oral Surgery for consultation regarding the failed molar extraction. I followed that recommendation; this comment speaks to my experience with Anchorage Oral and Implant Surgery (AOIS). I first consulted with AOIS in 2020. From my first phone call to schedule my appointment, AOIS staff were polite, efficient in responding to questions, and displayed genuine character. The staff set up my first consultation; it went very well, and happened within two weeks of my first call. My consultation was on time, and Sashi discussed my condition and various treatment options in lay terms; his demeanor was straightforward and compassionate. We agreed on a treatment protocol which is now complete. My treatment involved a bone graft and an implant. The work that Sashi and the staff performed has been remarkably successful. As a lay person who takes care of his health, I am quite cautious about who does my medical, dental, and vision work. I highly recommend Anchorage Oral and Implant Surgery for any high-level cosmetic or therapeutic dental work that you may need. Scott Bridges

- Raymond B

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Todd H

Dr.Reinbold and assistant Vicki are both at the top of their game. Excellent 5 Star Plus . Reception and office staff were very friendly 5 Star.

- Todd H

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Estefani C

If you need to get your wisdom teeth removed this is the place to go! The staff was friendly, kind, understanding, and professional. The procedure was fast and as painless as it can be. They also make sure to contact you the next day to make sure your recovery process is going smoothly. Overall I am extremely satisfied with my experience and would highly recommend them!

- Estefani C

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Patient Review by Janet H

I highly recommend this office to my friends.

- Janet H

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Michelle Q

Dr. Sashi was amazing! My son just had all four wisdom teeth removed. Dr. Sashi was very informative & reassuring. Everything went great with minimal pain. He even checked in on us later that night and again the next morning. He and the whole staff were very kind and personable. We definitely recommend Dr. Sashi & Anchorage Oral & Implant Surgery.

- Michelle Q

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Debbie P

I am so thankful for the excellent care I receive. Dr. Reinbold and his nurses, reception staff and checkout staff - are entirely supportive of the patient's needs and health.

- Debbie P

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Robert I

My son had to have his wisdom teeth extracted. He was referred to Anchorage Oral and Implant Surgery. The entire experience was absolutely delightful. When my son and I entered the office, we were welcomed by the staff at the front desk. The ladies were all pleasant and spoke with a smile. Dr. Sashi was my son's oral surgeon. He completely explained the procedure and how it would be carried out. He was willing to answer all questions. His bedside manner was superb, he even reached out the day after surgery to check on my son to see how he was feeling and if we had any further questions. The overall experience was definitely 5 stars!!!!

- Robert I

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Julian J

Great staff, very friendly and professional

- Julian J

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by James B

Dr, Reinbold is the best of the best Oral Surgeons.. This is my second visit to add additional dental implants. He has compassion for each patient and listens to what the patient has to say. Each time Ive seen him for dental implant procedures has resulted in success and a painless procedure. His background and training as both a Board Certified Physician and Board certified Oral Surgeon qualifies him to do every oral surgery procedure from the simple to the most complex procedures. I recommend him to anyone needing dental surgery because he’s a puts the patient at ease and explains the procedure so the patient knows what the process from start to finish and solicits questions from the patient…. Dr, Reinbold is a very caring individual and treats the patient like family. I was comfortable during each procedure which I selected numbing of the site. His staff provides explicit instructions for home care after each procedure. I followed those instructions to the letter and didn’t have any problems, plus I didn’t experience any pain. After my procedure, Dr, Reinbold called later in the day to see how Im doing which I really appreciated.

- James B

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Judy G

Three of my kids got their wisdom teeth out all at the same time. The office staff and doctor were all so helpful and put them all at ease with their cheerfulness and lighthearted banter before and after. Everything was explained as to how the procedures would go and what to expect both during and after the surgery. The staff was very thorough in all of the after surgery care instructions “written down” so I could refer back to them when needed. They also helped me get all three of my kids out to the vehicle after the surgeries. Curbside assistance!!! Thank you!!! Dr.Sashi was very warm and reassuring and gave us his contact information so we could ask any questions if after the surgeries were completed and I got them home, I still had questions. He checked on us the next day via text and I did have a few questions which he answered thoroughly and clarified the instructions. It was overall a very pleasant experience.

- Judy G

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Mia M

Was see and treated by Dr. Sashi on 05/28/21. Terrified until I started talking to the staff. Vicki was very accomodating & friendly.She was patient & answered my numerous qs. Dr. Sashi was the best! I can’t say enough how friendly he was. He made me feel at ease right away. He definitely knows what he was doing. I woke up withOUT pain!!! He even texted me the next morning to check on me! Even days after, he responds to my text messages right away. I HIGHLY recommend this clinic, staff, & Dr. Sashi.

- Mia M

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Corey G

Dr. Sashi and his staff was very professional, polite, and informative. Definitely removed some reservations I had prior to consultation. My experience here getting my wisdom tooth removed was effortless and quickly done. Would highly recommend!!

- Corey G

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Wendy H

My teenage daughter was so anxious and scared about getting her 4 wisdom pull out. The staff (Julie) and Dr. Sashi made my daughter feel very comfortable as soonest they saw her. Both Julie and Dr. Sashi explained the procedure step by step so my daughter would know what to expect. They talked to her with such compassion and caring that I could see my daughter felt more comfortable. Dr. Sashi thank you so much for helping my daughter feel comfortable with the procedure and for helping her feel at Ease! What a great experienced, excellent professional services and a comfortable atmosphere. We appreciate the follow ups and text after the procedure. My daughter is doing very well, happy and we made sure to follow the home care instructions after the oral surgery. God Bless! -Wendy H

- Wendy H

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Maykon H

Dr.Sashi was stupendous and left with no pain. Very happy about the whole procedure. Also Jessica was amazing... explained everything well.

- Maykon H

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Bryce H

I want to start by saying my experience with Dr. Sashi and his team was by far the best experience I've ever had with any sort of oral care office. His team explained everything very thoroughly and made me feel comfortable by answering every question I had (and I had many)..because this was my first ever procedure. Furthermore, I feel like the procedure couldn't have gone any better and I feel as if I have very minimal pain compared to what I expected. Most importantly, Dr. Sashi called me the morning after my procedure to assure everything was going well as well as to give me a refresher on how to take my medine. If I ever hve to have any oral work in the future I will most definitely be going back to Dr. Sashi and team.

- Bryce H

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Melodie M

I am terrified of dentists and everyone, especially Dr. Sashi made me feel comfortable, at ease and safe.

- Melodie M

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Andi H

I was very nervous about my extraction and dental implant, but as soon a I walked into the office my mind was put at ease. Dr. Sashi and his staff are very kind and caring. The procedure was explained to me in depth, and I was very comfortable going into surgery. I had very little pain afterward, and Dr. Sashi personally followed up over the next couple of days. I would highly recommend Dr. Sashi to anyone requiring an oral surgeon.

- Andi H

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Xavior L

Dr. Sashi was absolutely amazing, so was my dental assistant. They were very professional and also very calming and welcoming through out my wisdom tooth removal process. They let me know exactly what was going on the whole time and also followed up with me to make sure I was doing alright. Everything was very clean. Overall 5/5 stars for my entire visit.

- Xavior L

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Robert C

The staff was very friendly and polite. Dr. Sashi was informative and they answered all of my questions before starting anything. They made me feel comfortable despite my distaste for all things dental. Dr Sashi personally called and texted to check on me after my surgery. I felt more like a family friend that than a customer. Their professionalism and care was outstanding.

- Robert C

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Hailey M

Great experience. Dr. Sashi did an awesome job taking out my wisdom teeth. Very comfortable experience and everyone at the office was very kind and made me feel comfortable. Recommend going to see them!

- Hailey M

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Merry B

Absolutely wonderful practice-the staff and doctors are so helpful and nice and the office looks beautiful with its fresh remodel! Can’t say enough great things about our experience!!!!

- Merry B

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Lori G

Most people are anxious when having surgery. Julie was awesome and she and Dr. Reinbold had me so at ease that I did not even realize my tooth had been pulled! They are true professionals who are great with people!

- Lori G

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Scott R W

I was born in Territorial Alaska and in my early childhood dentists were more often mouth mechanics than doctors; promises of all the lollipops in the world were never enough to get us kids to reveal any aching teeth. As a result I now carefully research all my doctors, most especially dentists. However the first time Doc Parameswaran worked on my teeth was just good fortune. My regular dentist, Dr Gregorin (another excellent dentist), told me that Doc P. was transitioning from his U.S. Public Health Service assignment at Bethel and would come to his shop to remove one of my molars that had been repaired one too many times. My anxiety over lack of my usual investigations was immediately mollified when, upon my asking about his work with the PHS, he told me how much he enjoyed his time in Bethel. His smile when he recounted his time there was genuine and I liked him immediately. I had worked in bush Alaska as a water supply exploration geologist for fifteen years, much of it with PHS in southwest Alaska, and had loved my work there as well. I knew from my own experience that what is most attractive about southwest Alaska (really all bush Alaska) is the sense of community and self effacing humor of the people who live there, I believe the result of a necessarily humble response to the unforgiving power and raw beauty of the land itself. I see this same type of humility in Dr. Parameswaran when he works on my teeth, which, when I think about it, is the basis of all my criteria, other than sheer competence, for a good doctor. I see it in his attentiveness and intent focus when he is working, for isn't that a conscious recognition of human fallibility, including his own, and isn't his own intensity a clear and conscious effort to forestall that failure for me? I see it in his reassuring and patient answers to my poorly controlled worries that my sewn gums are falling apart at the first detection of a dissolving stitch, for isn't that a humble recognition that we all can be afraid of the unknown and the unknown is eventually present to us all no matter how knowledgeable we are in our own professions? I see it in his generosity with his time in contacting me following my surgery and his receptiveness to answering my silly questions, for isn't the heart of compassion the humble recognition that we all give and we all receive. Of course the Doc doesn't do it all on his own. None of us do anything without a crew. I'm thinking particularly of Tristan, the Doc's assistant my last visit, who initially eased my anxiety with genuine conversation, good humoredly translated my comments garbled by a mouthful of teeth chocks and gauze during surgery, and afterwards found a drive-thru pharmacy at which i could pick up meds on my drive home—thank you Tristan! All in all the Doc was worth coming to a second time though I will hasten to add that he is certainly not without flaw: I have discovered that as a skilled musician he prefers bluegrass to the blues! Ah, well, no one's perfect.

- Scott R W

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Jackie A

The office atmosphere was very calm when we arrived and the office staff greeted us with a smile. We were referred by our family dentist Dr. Hawkinson for my son Zach to get all 4 wisdom teeth extracted. He was nervous and in the beginning before making his appointment he only wanted to do 2 teeth at a time but I talked him in to doing it all at once. I am sure he would not have minded at all if it was done in 2 appointments because he absolutely loved it and keeps asking if he can do it again. He told me all he remembers Dr. Sashi telling him is to take a deep breathe, he was out and then he woke back up feeling very giggly and talkative, He said it was an awesome experience. If you know my son, I mean really know my son, he is a very quiet person. Thank you Dr. Sashi for taking great care of my son.

- Jackie A

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Emily H

Dr. Sashi and his team are excellent! They answered all of my questions and were extremely accomodating to all my concerns and needs. From the procedure to the follow up phone calls, Dr. Sashi and his team's services were incredible, and I would highly recommend using their office for any oral procedure.

- Emily H

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Lindsay L

Dr. Sashi and his staff (Jess) were amazing! They thoroughly explained the procedure and any potential outcomes and how to handle them. They are very personable and made my daughter feel very comfortable. Dr. Sashi personally called me to check on my daughter later in the day and the next morning to make sure she was recovering properly. Excellent experience!

- Lindsay L

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Erin R

Everyone was super friendly. Nurse Jessica and Dr. Reinbold explained everything very well. Had us in and out quickly, but without feeling rushed at all. Dr. Reinbold called to check on my son that evening. And my son has had no complications. Highly recommend.

- Erin R

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Pamela S

The procedure I had done was painless and over before I knew it!! Dr. Sashi set my mind at ease by thoroughly going over the imaging of my tooth. It was an excellent dental experience!!

- Pamela S

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Laura W

I came to Anchorage Oral and Surgery Center with a case that was a little complicated and in depth. I had a jaw surgery with Dr. "Sashi", Antonio Sashi Parameswaran DMD. From start to finish the entire staff were stellar including follow-up. I was shown the highest level of professionalism curtesy and a great deal of comforting care. I felt the whole process was handled with the highest level of medical and personal care. I am so very grateful that Dr Sashi and team took excellent care of me. I would highly recommend this practice.

- Laura W

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Kayla C

I got my wisdom teeth extracted by Dr. Sashi and his team. I was really nervous to get it done, but was shown scans and got to discuss with the doctor and assistant what was going to happen. Really help me feel secure and confident going into the procedure. When I woke up after the procedure was finished, I was able to get feedback and everything I needed in order to recover from the operation. As a military member, Dr. Sashi was also very informative about times you could get medication on base and saved me the trip! Dr. Sashi followed up with me by phone day of and after my operation to see if I had any questions or concerns! As someone always reluctant to reach out first, this was greatly appreciated! Highly recommend!

- Kayla C

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Kylee C

I super nervous about getting anesthesia and Jessica made me feel super calm after she explained everything to me. Everyone was super kind and everything went super well. You guys are FANTASTIC!

- Kylee C

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Rebeca R

Everyone that I spoke to was extremely kind and thorough with their explanations which helped put me at ease before the surgery. I was incredibly impressed with how quick the procedure went. Dr. Sashi was a delight, and you can tell he has lots of experience. I would definitely recommend this office to everyone for all their dental needs.

- Rebeca R

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Elijah M

Dr Antonio Parameswaran (Sashi) was super helpful to me! He did a great job on my wisdom teeth and kept in check with me the days following to see if there was anything I needed. I highly recommend using DR Sashi if you are looking into getting something done he’s very kind professional and helpful!

- Elijah M

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Elijah M

Staff was very friendly and helpful with any questions I had and were very good about informing me about everything that was going to happen in the procedure! Post procedure I had multiple texts and calls from the doctor and nurse to check up and see if I was doing okay and if I needed anything. I would highly recommend using them if you need any dental work done very kind very professional!

- Elijah M

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Anna H

Highly recommend! Dr. Sashi knows what he’s doing and is very kind and caring. The staff helped me to feel right at home. They ran me through everything and I felt very comfortable. Very impressed!

- Anna H

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Kaylee H

I was a little apprehensive about getting my wisdom teeth out, but Dr. Sashi and his staff made my visit there easy and as enjoyable as possible. Dr. Sashi checked up on me post op And was very friendly. I really appreciated the kindness him and his staff had!

- Kaylee H

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review by Chrissy E

This was my first official visit with Dr. Sashi, who performed my dental implant procedure very expediently and without pain or discomfort. Initially, I was going to a different office, but had a consultation with Dr. Sashi and I was impressed with his staff who were very knowledgeable and efficient. We will return without hesitation for Dr. Sashi to address any other oral surgery needs.

- Chrissy E

5 out of 5 stars on